Richard T. Greener Scholarship

The Richard T. Greener Scholarship is $2,000 per year ($8,000 total). Out-of-state students may be eligible to receive a
tuition reduction. (Note: Tuition reductions are based on academic requirements as set forth by the
University.) Half of the yearly scholarship amount is issued each semester for a maximum of eight
semesters for four consecutive years (summer school excluded) provided eligibility is maintained.
The endowment serves as a tribute to the scholarly work and achievements of Richard Theodore
Greener who, in 1873, became the first Black faculty member at Carolina and held that position until

Sponsored by the University of South Carolina Alumni Association’s Black Alumni Council since 1983, the
Richard T. Greener Scholarship is awarded to a well-deserving incoming minority freshman based on
academic achievement, leadership ability, community service and financial need. This award is exclusive
to an incoming freshman entering in the fall. Applicants must have a minimum weighted GPA of 3.0, as
calculated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Awarding of this scholarship is based on academic achievement, leadership ability, community service,
and financial need. Recipients must attend the Columbia campus of the University of South Carolina.

Alumni Association
Supplemental Questions
  1. Preferred Name
  2. Please list organization affiliations and leadership position(s) held.
  3. Please list and describe your involvement in any social, civic or community projects.
  4. Parent/Guardian's Information
    • Are there any other household members in college? If yes, how many?
    • Email Address(es)
    • Family Size (including yourself)
    • From where will these funds come? (work, savings, other)
    • How much do you, the applicant, plan to contribute toward higher education expenses?
    • Name(s)
    • Occupation(s)
    • Place(s) of Employment
    • Total Family Income per year ($)
  5. Richard Theodore Greener became the first black faculty member of the University of South Carolina in 1873, and he served as an inspirational leader for both young African-Americans and others. Who (or what event) has inspired you to become an improved student or person throughout your educational career? Your essay must be typed and a minimum of 750 words. The essay is required and will be judged on content, originality of thought, and ability to articulate ideas clearly.
  6. Please upload an image of yourself.
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