Gamecock Veterans: Salute to Service

The Salute to Service Scholarship is $750 per academic year. Out-of-state students may be eligible to
receive a tuition reduction. (Note: Tuition reductions are based on academic requirements as set forth
by the University.) Half of the yearly scholarship amount is issued each semester, provided eligibility is

The endowed scholarship serves as a tribute to veterans who have honorably served our country.
Eligibility Requirements: The applicant must be a veteran who maintain(s) a 2.0 GPA (undergraduate) or
3.0 GPA (graduate), successful submission of Discharge of Active-Duty Form (DD-214) and submits of an
essay demonstrating applicant’s leadership skills, service, financial need and sacrifice.

This scholarship is sponsored by the University of South Carolina Alumni Association’s Veterans Alumni
Council. The Salute to Service Scholarship is awarded to a well-deserving veteran, based on academic
achievement, leadership ability, service, and sacrifice. This award is exclusive to veterans. Applicants
must have a minimum weighted GPA of 2.0, as calculated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or
3.0 GPA by the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Awarding of this scholarship is based on academic achievement, leadership ability, service, and sacrifice.
Recipients must attend the Columbia campus of the University of South Carolina.

Alumni Association
Supplemental Questions
  1. Preferred Name
  2. If you are either a Transfer student or Graduate-level student, please complete the following:
    • What will your Program of Study during Fall 2022 be at the University of South Carolina?
    • Which are you?
    • Which college/university did you previously attend?
  3. Are you a Veteran?
  4. Please list organization affiliations and leadership position(s) held.
  5. Please list and date your scholastic distinctions, awards, honors, or accomplishments.
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